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Women’s bodies have constantly been subjected to public obligations. Small or tall, thin or curvy, pregnant or not, they have looked like objectifying subjects rather than individuals. This perception of society gave rise to one of the most cardinal rules of feminism, i.e. my body, my rights. However, in our part of the world where feminism is deemed a controversial topic, women’s body rights have also been overlooked. Even worse, they are presented in a demeaning manoeuvre.

Every day, we encounter instances where a woman is judged for having a specific body type for wearing a particular outfit or whether she plans to hide or show that baby bump. However, this time, Ghana Ali is under the radar for sharing the news about her pregnancy.

The actress has been receiving a lot of criticism ever since her wedding. The rumour that she got married to an already married man spread on social media like wildfire, and ever since then, both, she and her husband, have become the subject of trolls.

Ghana Ali’s Pregnancy News

Ghana Ali’s pregnancy news also spread like wildfire over the weekend, primarily because she married only a few months ago. While the actress took to social media to share the news, people started pointing out how this was impossible given that it’s only been five months since her marriage. The actress posted a picture with her husband to celebrate the news with the world. She was dressed in a classic white outfit and showed her baby bump and that pregnancy glow on full display.

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Timeline Of Wedding And Pregnancy

The media fraternity took to her Instagram section to congratulate the couple. However, most people are questioning the timeline of her wedding and pregnancy. As the wedding took place in May, people wondered how her bump was huge after four months. People need to learn basic knowledge about how bodies are different and may work differently under certain conditions.

Regardless the comments section was full of people defying simple logic and questioning her body. Take a look at some of the comments from the comments section.

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While it’s not even a topic of discussion, commenting and questioning her body seems immoral and unethical. Meanwhile, no one has the authority to pass judgements on such a trivial matter.

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