Ghana Ali Hits Back At Trolls For Their Nasty Comment On Her Pregnancy
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Ghana Ali has finally come to her rescue to shut down the trolls. 

Over the weekend, the news of Ghana Ali’s pregnancy spread like wildfire over the internet. However, what made people curious was the timeline of her wedding and pregnancy announcement. According to netizens, Ghana got married in May, which is five months before her pregnancy announcement. Yet what made them wonder was the baby bump and the notion that someone can’t look like this within five months of pregnancy.

Netizen’s React 

The comments section of her pictures was full of people questioning the celebrity. The number of comments asking the same question crossed the number of comments that were congratulating the couple. This shows the mentality of our society and how sometimes things can take a drastic turn on social media. It is not of anyone’s concern; Ghana took to her social media account to clarify the controversy regarding her pregnancy announcement.

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Ghana Ali Hits Back 

Recently, Ghana took to Instagram to shut down the trolls while she cleared the air about her pregnancy announcement.

“I got married in February, not in May. I announced it late. So, please, if you can’t say something good about people, simply swipe up. Talking ill about someone would not affect your self-esteem in any manner. I hope you guys will understand.”

The fact that she had to come online to clarify an issue regarding her personal life made it wrong on so many levels. Celebrities’ life being subjected to public scrutiny is among the biggest one of them.

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Ever since the actress got married, she and her husband have been under the netizen’s radar. Ghana has had quite a few months under the spotlight, from getting married to a man with first marriage and responding to the trolls fat-shaming her husband. However, this needs to stop soon because there is only a limit to shaming and trolling.

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