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Ghana Ali and her husband’s public appearances have always been tough. Now the actress has defended her husband from a rude troll who made personal remarks on her husband.

Ghana Ali and Umair

Ghana Ali, the Sun Yaara actress, got married almost a year ago. She surprised her fans with the news but the fans were more surprised with her beau. Umair is a businessman who was rumoured to be still married and incredibly rich.

ghana ali fat-shamed husband
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Naturally, Ghana Ali suffered labels such as a home-wrecker and a gold-digger. Yes, even in 2021, we accuse women of such sexist labels!

Sharing Pictures on Instagram

Ghana Ali recently shared another picture with her husband in which they’re glowing! The two are dressed to the nines in snazzy outfits as they pose for pictures together. Have a look:

 Whether they were headed for a date night or were simply trying to crawl out of quarantine blues, it looks like they were having a great time.

Trolls Rain on The Parade

However, social media trolls can seldom see people happy. They saw this picture of Ghana Ali with her husband and decided to rain on their parade. Many crossed the line when they started commenting on her husband’s weight!

Trolls fat-shamed her husband and made all sorts of jokes on his appearance which is simply unacceptable. Hence, what did Ghana Ali do? She clapped back!

ghana ali fat-shamed husband
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Ghana Ali Claps Back

Ghana had enough of this toxic trend and could not bear to see her husband being insulted this way. Her comebacks are fiery and spot-on. Have a look and keep these replies up your sleeve in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

ghana ali fat-shamed husband
Image Source: Instagram
ghana ali fat-shamed husband
Image Source: Instagram

The Weight-Shaming Trend

Body image issues are rampant in our society and the call for an end to skinny-shaming as well as fat-shaming has been heard far and wide. However, the issue still remains like a tough stain that just won’t wash out. In our culture, both forms of shaming and many more are also incredibly common.

A simple rule which many can be cognizant of is never to comment on anything that can not be fixed in 5 minutes. Comments on weight, acne, size etc are not fixable in 5 minutes, hence, don’t make that comment. We never know what conditions or why the other person looks the way they do, commenting on it never leads to a good outcome.

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