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Jewelry is a form of self-expression and can do wonders to elevate your look. As a bride, your jewelry is the most important thing people look out for; whether you are newly married or on the hunt for the best statement pieces to match your wedding dress. While getting married is not a task, shopping for your wedding indeed is. With so many options to choose from, it becomes quite daunting to find the right things which cater to your style. While online shopping has made things easier, finding the right stores sure takes quite some time.

So today, we are presenting you with a few online stores where you can select the most delicate and stunning jewelry pieces for your wedding.

1. Tesoro 

Tesoro offers imitation jewelry at its finest. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you are bound to snag a few pieces for yourself. From cutting-edge zircons to different varieties of stones and pearls, Tesoro’s collection is worth looking at.

2. Laam Official

With so many brands under their belt, Laam is your one-stop solution for buying different brands from a single store. From small everyday pieces to bridal jewelry, the store offers a vast collection that can be bought from the comfort of your home. The prices start from as low as PKR 1,200 and go as far as PKR 85,000.

3. AK Bridal Jewelry 

Fancy yourself some gems? This store offers a blend of fancy and modern, delicate pieces to traditional bridal sets. From fantastic quality to top-notch services, the brand offers both ready-to-wear and customized sets for a more personalized experience.

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4. Zaheen Kamran

Bridal Jewelry with a hint of elegance and grace, what else could we want more? The store offers everything for the modern bride and bridesmaids.

5. Esmeralda 

Need something for the post-wedding dawats? Esmeralda will come to your rescue. With modern cuts and delicate design, the store offers a massive collection whether you want to keep it light or go all out with your jewelry.

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6. Rosso

Rosso offers contemporary designs with modern yet minimalist looks. A perfect option for post-wedding brunches and casual hangouts. Rosso offers different collections enriched with both class and elegance.

7. Sensation Pk 

Sensation offers various pieces in their collection, from various stones to zircons and even Swarovski. Sensations’ collection is the perfect option to hunt for jewelry for yourself and also, if you plan to gift someone else.

8. Mithra And Co Jewelry 

Mithra and co have us drooling on their entire collection. The store offers contemporary jewelry with minimalistic designs and cut to keep your collection perfect to dress up and dress down depending on your mood.

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