gas shortage
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Just a few days ago, it was announced that Karachiite will have to face gas load-shedding. Once the news was covered, officials immediately jumped forward to refute the claims, regarding the news as a rumor. According to them, there was going to be no set schedule per se to navigate the gas shortage. But the schedule exists and it has become annoying for the citizens.

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The issues

“What chai? We get home from work and there is no gas,” A Karachiite lamented.

They further added, “In fact, we have to cook food beforehand and tea? Well, we make it and keep it in a thermos.”

It seems that the urban citizens are getting a taste of life in the countryside. Given the routine works differently for urban and rural, the schedule can surely not sit well with Karachiites most of whom are working remotely for foreign companies with different daily schedules. Their work begins in the evening and goes up until morning. Most urban citizens are night owls who like to cook up midnight snacks.

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That is all gone because there is just no gas after 7 pm. Cooking is a separate issue but even the bathing schedule gets affected. With no heated water available, thanks to unoperational geysers, people can’t take baths at night anymore.

The gas schedule is, hence, directing Karachiites’ life schedule.

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How to navigate gas shortage?

The problem exists for sure. Whomever we choose to blame, the problem will not magically disappear. That said, is it okay for one or two areas to be this afflicted? Is it okay for a proportion of the population to be affected by the gas shortage? Maybe, if the burden was shared amongst a number slightly less than 20 million population, the burden would not seem as great.

gas shortage
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Instead of load shedding that encompasses most people’s teatime and dinner time of a few areas, the load could be shared equally. This way, instead of an 8 to 10-hour load shedding, the time would be reduced to 1 to 2 hours. The gas shortage might not be resolved but it can be managed effectively. Of course, this is until the people in power figure out a more permanent solution to the problem.

Maybe it is at the time they are trying to figure out a solution that they realized it is high time to shift to gas alternatives. But it will take time and until the solutions are in place, just maybe authorities could give us some attention.

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