Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Leaked: We Might Know Who Dies Next!

Game of Thrones Season 8 remake

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 leak is driving everyone bonkers!

Reportedly, both episodes 5 and 6 plot details have been leaked on social media, indicating the possible deaths of the characters, we love (and hate) the most.

Here’s what we think can happen:

Plot #1- Arya to Kill the Mad Queen 

Taking a recap, the Red Priestess told Arya that she will be the end of three lives, “Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever.” If we take a gander of what has happened, Arya killed Walder Frey (brown eyes) and the Night King (blue eyes) which means now she is to kill someone with green eyes.

A fan has pointed out that the next name on Arya’s list is Daenerys aka Khaleesi (who has green eyes!). There’s a possibility that Arya might go after the Mother of Dragons when she turns into the ‘Mad Queen’, not to forget she has lost Missandei and 2 of her dragons.

Another theory is that since everyone now knows Jon’s secret (he being the heir to the throne) and being a little coo-coo in the noggin, Danerys may plan to kill Jon for the throne but Arya will get to her before she has a chance to slit his throat.

On the other hand, there’s a fair chance that Danerys might be slain after she claims the throne and does rule the kingdom as the Mad Queen everyone fears she is becoming.

Plot #2- Return of Rhaegal

A clue in the season eight, episode five trailer has teased Rhaegal might be about to make a shocking comeback. Lets back up, Rhaegal was shot with a spear by Enron Greyjoy, giving Cersei a leveled battleground to take on Danerys for the ultimate fight to win the throne.

The trailer for episode 5 ends with Enron worried as if he were staring at death right in the eyes while looking towards the sky, which hints at the possibility of Rhaegal coming back to haunt the ‘world’s most horrible uncle’.

Plot #3- Danerys to be the End of Jon Snow

Looks like Jon Snow has become the unwanted hurdle between Danerys and the throne. Since Jon’s secret is already out, fans have a crazy theory that Danerys will kill (or plan to kill) him. She might be planning to take care of him after they take Cersei down once and for all.

Plot #4-  Jamie & Cersei Die Together

Danerys has gone loco and has turned most of King’s Landing into a roasted dessert. Watching her transformation as she turns into the Mad Queen, Tyrion realizes that the only way he can save his sibling is to set Jamie free.

However, Jamie has a head-on battle with Euron, eventually killing him but being brutally injured in the process. He somehow makes his way to Cersei where they both die together. Cersei might either die by Danerys or might just kill herself in goodwill to be with the only man (*cough* brother) she has ever loved.

Plot #5- Jon Kills Danerys

Danerys might throw Tyrion in the dungeon for freeing Jamie, to which he tries to explain to Jon that his family will always be a threat to the throne. To this Jon realizes what Danerys is becoming and while he gives her his pledge, he might just also plunge a dagger in her heart (if Arya doesn’t kill her first). There is a possibility that it might be Arya in the form of Snow that kills her.

Plot #6- Bran Becomes the King 

With Cersei and Daenerys dead, a council is formed in which Tyrion announces that Bran is now the new King.

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In a nutshell, Jon once again takes the black as a punishment for killing Daenerys, Arya leaves, Sansa rules the North, Bran becomes King and oversees the council which now consists of Tyrion, Davos, Sam, and Bronn.

Deaths in Game of Thrones Season 8

Varys- Will die for betraying Daenerys

Euron- Jamie will kill Euron

The Hound and Mountain- Kill each other in a faceoff

Jaime- Dies of injuries suffered from in match against Euron and will die with Cersei

Cersei- Despite everything she has done to survive, the wicked queen will die with her brother, also her lover

Tyrion- The dwarf is arrested for betraying Daenerys by freeing Jamie. This means that he will get a trial, which is supposedly going to happen in the Dragon Pit in which there’s a tall, we mean a big possibility that he also dies.

Danerys- Mad Queen will either be killed by Jon or Arya, reportedly as she’s dying, Dany supposedly touches the Iron Throne, which was destroyed in the battle. Drogo will fly away with her body at the end.

Jon Snow- Jony boy might bid farewell after all as Kit Harrington has reportedly shot two different endings, one which hints he will join the Night Watch again, but then again, there’s no Night King anymore!

Read the entire spoilers thread here.

What are your thoughts about the possible plots?

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