Ned Stark’s favorite sentence from the very first episode of Game of Thrones to his untimely beheading, “Winter is coming”, has finally come to fruition.

Winter is here!

As the undead march from beyond the wall, bringing the final season for all fans, many brands have embraced it as their duty to welcome the beginning of the end with full zeal.

Using the franchise as inspiration, a number of companies have derived various promotion strategies from it.

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The Sauce Burger Cafe

Who will win this Game of Potatoes? The Sauce Burger Cafe has left it on you to decide.

Infinix Mobile

The mobile brand has its eyes on the throne and has vowed to battle it out with its rival brands.

Rooh Afza


Subway Pakistan too joined the GOT ad bandwagon with this hot-and-cold ad.


Adidas GoT Shoes

Adidas seems to be paying tribute to the Khaleesi’s undead dragon or preparing the viewers for the return of the Uncle Stark (fingers crossed). The brand has issued a Game of Thrones-themed shoe line with a symbolic resemblance to Night’s Watch, Lannister and Targaryen sigils.

 Mountain Dew

Refusing to become ‘a girl with no name’ and successfully duping the Faceless Man, all GoT watchers are familiar with Arya Stark’s famous kill list. Mountain Dew outed the list as their can cover in a campaign titled, ‘a can with no name’!


GoT Oreo

Oreo went the next step and created an ad with GoT opening theme with the visuals made entirely of their biscuit, that too with each of the four great houses’ sigils embossed on them!

Urban Decay

urban decay GoT set

Arya Stark’s Needle and Jon Snow’s Longclaw, as well as the popup Iron Throne, Urban Decay also revealed a GoT inspired product line to go with the ongoing trend.


Game of Straws

It’s a ‘Game of Straws’ and Pepsi has taken the throne! Pepsi has shown a beautiful showcase of the King’s rightful throne through its own version.

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Written by: Mehak Zehra