French Vogue Under Fire Over Their Remarks On Julia Fox’s Head Scarf

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The new love interest of Kanye West Julia Fox is not just attending fashion shows alongside him but she’s also making headlines. Recently, the model attended an Haute couture show in Paris while wearing a scarf on her head. The picture was posted on the official Instagram handle of the french magazine ‘Vogue’.

Vogue France Underfire 

In a now edited post, the publication is under fire for their remarks for praising the scarf. The remarks were deemed hypocritical given the french senate passed a bill opposing headscarves for women across the nation on 18th January.

The French Senate also voted to ban hijabs for female athletes.

“Yes to the headscarf!” The picture captioned. The caption was later edited to remove the reference to the headscarf. However, the damage had already been done and many shared their reviews regarding the publication’s remarks for being tone-deaf and irresponsible.

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Twitter Users Reacts 

“Yes to the headscarf when it is not a Muslim wearing it huh?” One user commented.

“The audacity of Vogue France to say yes to the headscarf! And then change the IG caption after being called out…They’re trying to give us hallucinations.” One user wrote.

Previously, the ex-wife of Kanye West was also praised for sporting a fully covered head at the met gala 2021. The influencer was spotted in a Balenciaga look and she got away with all the backlash in the name of high fashion because – BALENCIAGA!

“White women wear a headscarf and its couture. Black and Brown women wear hijab and it is oppression or a war on secularism.” Another user followed.

“Reminds me of Vogue hailing braids as ‘trendy’ when Kim Kardashian wore them, as if Black women haven’t been wearing them forever (acknowledging this isn’t religion, but white women getting praise for doing things non-white women have always done).”

That sounds about right! This could be called a clear case of cultural appropriation but sadly the hijab/scarfs are not given enough respect, to begin with.

“Head coverings are cool and fun unless you’re a hijabi Muslim woman, and it’s banned in governments like France” quoted a social media platform calling out the double standards of the industry where hijab is only accepted as a fashion accessory.

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For publications as big as Vogue, the statement has caused quite an uproar given that the Muslim’s are deprived of their basic right to practice their religion while it is acceptable for non-muslim women to wear it as a mere fashion accessory.

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