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Pakistani low-cost startup Fly Jinnah has unveiled more information about its brand identity as it moves closer to launch. The carrier is acquiring its air operator’s certificate and will initially serve domestic routes out of its base in Karachi.

Fly Jinnah Brand Identity 

The low-cost carrier (LCC) joint venture between Air Arabia and The Lakson Group has provided more details this week as it edges closer to flying.

Under the abbreviation ‘FJ’, the carrier’s visual brand identity is built around the colour red, which it believes “reflects the young and modern spirit of the airline.”

Iqbal Ali Lakhani, Chairman of Fly Jinnah, said: “The reveal of ‘Fly Jinnah’s’ visual identity was chosen carefully to reflect the evolution and progression of aviation needs in Pakistan. ‘Fly Jinnah’ will not only serve Pakistan’s aviation industry, but it also aims to contribute to the country’s infrastructure, tourism, business travel and the creation of new jobs. Fly Jinnah will be a catalyst to the country’s economic growth.”

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Further adding, “We are proud to have Air Arabia Group as our minority partners in this venture. We are confident of the quality of services that our customers will receive. Air Arabia Group’s partnership will support us in fulfilling this vision. As sharing the knowledge and expertise of one of the leading and globally recognized low-cost airline operators.”

The airline is currently undergoing the process of obtaining its local air operator’s certificate (AOC). To begin with, Fly Jinnah will serve a range of domestic destinations from its hub at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. Later the airline will spread its wings as it expands internationally.

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The Brand Values 

Fly Jinnah also gave a sneak peek into its brand values. Incorporating the themes of ambition, sincerity, and Inventiveness, the brand plans to focus on offering comfort, reliability, and value-for-money to its customers.

Ambition – which provides actual value to customers and connects communities around the world.

Sincerity – which ensures honesty and the willingness to achieve and grow while striving to improve.

Inventiveness – which helps to create innovative solutions while remaining focused, practical, and efficient.

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