Pakistan Coronavirus
Source: Voice of America

[Update]: The Pakistani government had banned flights from Saudi Arabia and the UK to avoid the import of the virus in the country. However, did that stop it? Not really. The news has surfaced that the new coronavirus strain has reached Pakistan. It was detected but it has been sent for further confirmation to Karachi University. 

Let’s see how deadly this one is and after how much time will its vaccine go into production.

Just when we thought that the cursed year of 2020 is coming to an end, so will the bad luck that came with it. It has just cursed the world with another bad news which is a new variant of the Coronavirus.

Image Source: Reuters

What Do We Know So Far?

The scientists in the UK recently revealed a newly identified variant of the coronavirus that has been shown to be more contagious than the initial version of the virus.

Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson has immediately ordered to tighten the restrictions as new researches and revelations showed how fast this version of the virus was spreading throughout the UK.

The announcement prompted travel bans and restrictions from numerous countries all around the world including France, Germany and other European countries along with a lot of Asian countries too.

How Did The Researchers Uncover This Variant?

This variant of Coronavirus came to the researchers attention in the month of December when the number of active cases started to arise exponentially from Southern England, several sources claim that the variant existed as early as the month of September. The mutation is referred to as B.1.1.7 lineage by the researchers.

A few weeks back, the news of vaccine introduced by Pfizer and BioNTech was applauded by the world as many were relieved that the pandemic-struck world would be soon able to get normal.

Now, this news about the new variant of the Coronavirus has increased concerns of the public, majority of whom were already preparing for the Christmas festivities and holidays and took to Twitter and expressed their despair.

Even though the revelations regarding the new variant of the virus are still preliminary, the world is taking no risks as the impact of the excessive cases of the virus earlier this year really infiltrated the healthcare facilities with patients and overburdened their capacity.

As the world is moving forward, and more awareness regarding the virus, quarantine and prevention against it is well-known, the burden on the healthcare was decreasing to some extent.

However, with this latest news, uncertainties and lack of information regarding this new variant has forced countries to take more precautions at an early stage so that the number active cases and loss of lives could be contained to some extent as majority of the world has halted their modes of travelling to the United Kingdom.

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