love meta-verse
Image Source: Medium, an online dating site, is joining hands with meta. Did you ever think meta could help you find love? Well, think again because it’s happening now and they’re pretty serious about it. Virtual reality and dating don’t seem like the best pair but here’s how they’re making it work.

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What’s Going On? is joining forces with virtual reality (VR). The business is now launching a “meta-dating place for modern singles” in Decentraland. This is a blockchain-powered online community that has grown to be a well-liked entry point into the overwhelming metaverse.

love meta-verse
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In order to promote its new service, asserts that online dating is superior to in-person dating. An issued statement said, using avatars to date in virtual reality “allows users to form connections without any of the materialistic judgments in the external, physical world.” According to them, in online dating, you can find love without worrying about spending time and money. Singles may develop relationships centered on personality, similar beliefs, and shared interests.

What Are They Doing?

The dating site is also supporting the removal of geographic restrictions. They are now promoting their site as a place “where distance is no barrier to finding a match.” As a result, it will launch its new online dating service with what they call “the wedding of the year.” Confused about it? Well, three “intercontinental couples,” who all met on, will be joined in “blockchain marriage.” 

love meta-verse
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Obviously, the marriage documents will be NFTs (users will also be able to donate NFTs to one another while mingling in the virtual space). They’re the token of digital love, get with the times!

Virtual Dating

love meta-verse
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Virtual dating is a form of dating which is focused on digital avatars rather than actual people. It is slowly becoming a part of our mainstream culture. We Met in Virtual Reality, a VR-only documentary that recounts the love stories of couples who first connected through VRChat was released by HBO. Since COVID-19 people have been relying on technology to find love. Do we think this can be the start of something life-changing?

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