Feroze Khan is currently at the holiest place on earth – The Kaaba. The actor shared a selfie on his social media while performing Umrah and the netizen’s response to the post was not so sweet.

Feroze Khan’s Latest Post

While Feroze Khan shared the picture on his Instagram, many celebrities, including his sister Umaimah Malik congratulated the actor for performing umrah. Meanwhile, many fans shared their heartfelt messages and comments under the star’s post. Khan shared the picture on the night of Shab e Qadar with a caption,

“Tum se kia mangun, tum khud hi samajh lo.” 

Ramadan the 27th. 

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Take a look at the picture below.

The actor was posing in front of the Holy Kaaba while wearing a pair of branded eye frames. The picture sure looks like a recipe for disaster, and the netizens’ response to the actor was quite harsh.

How did Netizens respond?

The netizens were blunt needless to say. They mentioned how the actors have no dignity left, and they must show each and everything in their lives on social media. In contrast, many shared their opinion about the actor’s fashion sense and his body language while performing the umrah. The response to the picture was harsh and unnecessarily rude.

“Stop showing off your visits to these religious places. Stop showing off your piousness.” One user wrote.

“Stop posing and continue with your tawaf.” Another one wrote.

“Such a glamorous umrah with branded accessories and such arrogant attitude.”

Take a look at some more comments below.

Image source: Instagram.com
Feroze Khan
Image source: Instagram.com

Feroze Khan is almost always on the other end of public’s criticism ever since the actor announced the decision to quit the showbiz industry and revert to Islam. However, soon after, when he announced coming back to the screen once again, his decision was met with criticism and backlash.

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