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Showbiz industry is divided into groups. One group is comprised of stars like Mahira Khan who even when they do nothing they stay as the beloved personality of the audience. The second group is of talented actors like Zahid Ahmed whose work speaks for them. The third category is of people who cannot act but try to stay relevant through controversial statements; imagine Agha Ali. The fourth group is where Feroze Khan belongs.

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Feroze Khan controversies

In this fourth group, the actor is talented so there is no point making irresponsible statements or starting controversies. But stars like Feroze Khan continue doing it. You may recall his alleged separation scandal. Then there was the matter of how he might be interested in Hania Aamir. In today’s news, he made the headlines for lashing out at Tabish Hashmi.

TBH by Tabish Hashmi

In the third season of TBH, Tabish invited Feroze Khan amongst other personalities. While other episodes were funny, exactly how they were supposed to be, the one with Feroze Khan was an anomaly.

When a star makes a statement, it becomes public property. And when those stars get invited to a show, especially one on the format like TBH, the star should expect those statements to be used in their own comical way.

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What happened?

Basically, Feroze Khan had made a statement about having a Sheikh figure in his life. Tabish made a statement about that. And Feroze completely lashed out. He said he will not tolerate a joke on that matter.

The right way?

That said, if there are some things that you do not want discussed, maybe do it prior to the show. But when you enter the show’s recording, you are in someone else’s domain. Lashing out because you do not like something which you are responsible for in the first place is the most uncultured thing one can do. You, as a guest are basically insulting a host who showed you respect by inviting you.

You may just be conveying what you will let pass and what you won’t but the way you do it is all that matters. So, while Feroze may be on point, the way he did it was extremely rude and could have been avoided.

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