Controversial Statements Of Sadaf Kanwal From The Past Go Viral

Sadaf Kanwal Claims How 'Simple' She Is Despite Being A Model
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Sadaf Kanwal has been under quite a lot of criticism ever since she made the statement bashing Aurat March and feminists.

Sadaf Kanwal recent controversy

In the statement, she said that a husband has more importance because he is a husband. Considering she has married Shahroz, she has to know where his shoes are and whether his clothes are ironed or not. Shahroz is not as accountable as she is for the spouse, she said. Her statement also made feminists and liberals into anti-Islamic people.

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She clearly hurt a lot of people’s sentiments. This is why most of them decided to delve into her past statements to find out what they can bash her on.

1. Sadaf Kanwal dancing

She performed an item number in a Pakistani movie. Doing what is called a mujra in urdu, she has to sexualize her body. Offended Pakistanis found it a contradiction of statements. Attributing item numbers as uni-Islamic, they said her recent Islamic self does not align with her past acts.

2. Interview with HSY

She has also insulted MeToo victims in the past. In a show with HSY, she said that if I were a MeToo victim, I would never hold on to it. She said she would speak up about it right away and to the industry people only, not on social media.

3. At Hum Style Awards

Your wardrobe makes a statement of its own as well. At Hum Style Awards, Sadaf Kanwal wore a revealing saari. “How was that Islamic?” people ask.

4. In Talks with Wajahat Rauf

Invited on Voice Over Man, Sadaf was asked why does she change boyfriends like people change out of clothes. She said I am young so I can do that.

To quote Sadaf, “I am baby.”

That’s clearly Islamic…

Let’s not forget, you are not a baby after you have turned 18, if we are speaking about Islam that is.

This is a case in point of why you should think before you speak because one foot out of line and the audience will go to any depth into your past and seek out controversial videos and pictures.

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