Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a name every die-hard makeup lover is familiar with. Another very familiar name is Netflix‘s popular series ‘You’.

But what happens when you mix Fenty Beauty and ‘You’ and add a bit of glam?

Fenty Beauty’s marketing team creatively used a popular dialogue from the famous show with a touch of creativity.

Every time Joe Goldberg or Will (season 2) is hooked on a girl, he talks about her in a certain tone and lingo. He describes her from her presence, the way she walks, what she wears, and takes the liberty to stalk her.

Fenty Beauty, on the other hand, tried a Goldberg move and succeeded!

You’re trying out a different foundation…. it doesn’t match… you think blending it more will help but it isn’t… but you don’t know any better because you haven’t heard of Fenty Beauty…but it’s okay… we can fix that…we can fix…you


Social Media Reacts to Fenty Beauty’s YOU Post

Here’s what social media thoughts:

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