master tiles fbr notice
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Master Tiles received FBR notice for the extravagant wedding celebrations demanding explanations for the explanation of the wedding expenditure

Remember the people who didn’t invite us where they had an unending dessert table? Yes, the Jalal & Sons and Master Tiles Wedding! While we were crying at not having personally witnessed it, it turns out we didn’t just miss out on the food; we also missed out on the 24 Karat gold wrapping of the dessert give away.

Can you believe that? All that gold, just gone!

It’s Viral!

So while we were all googly-eyed for the dessert table, the internet was raging with their photoshoot, which by the way, we were the first ones to cover (You are welcome!). The photos were going viral mostly because we could not relate to the expenditure of the wedding ceremony.

Master Tiles indeed went over the top for Unzila Mehmood, the bride. The extravagant wedding attracted eyeballs not just for the crazy expenditure in this COVID-infested economy but also for the COVID-infested atmosphere where many people were invited.

The Definition of Grand!

Alongside entertainment celebrities, famous political personalities were present as well.

And Maulana Tariq Jameel conducted the nikah ceremony at Blanca Club Lahore. OPM Shoots were in charge of the photography for the event.

That was all Master Tiles, but then the valima had its charm. This event by Jalal & Sons featured Turkish gymnasts!

I am all in for the celebration that you want. If someone wants a simple festival, well and fair. Suppose someone wants a lavish wedding, great. But what is the point of having gymnasts perform at a wedding when you can have a good all fashioned gol gappey wala prepare gol gappey to live?

So lavish that Master Tiles gets FBR Notice

Jokes aside, people are struggling with basic needs, but that there are ordinary people who have had to change their wedding plans and still lost their money on wedding halls. Due to government-imposed restrictions, banquets could not entertain weddings, and they could not even return everyone’s deposits. So an ordinary Pakistani lost money this way as well. But here, there was no check and balance, and guests enjoyed the gymnastic show.

With the whole country reacting, government bodies got wind of this fiasco as well. And guess what? FBR has served a notice to Master Tiles demanding how exactly they could spend this much on their daughter’s wedding.

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