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Last year Pakistanis saw one really extravagant Master Tiles wedding. Master Tiles’ owner’s son got married. The wedding was in talks for quite some time. This year, it will be Jalal & Son’s wedding that will get all the attention. Fun fact, the groom is Jalal & Sons’, well, son, and the bride is Master Tiles’ owner’s daughter. If you are a k-drama fan, you will know it to be one chaebol wedding.

Jalal & Sons — Master Tiles (& Daughters?)

In the pictures, we could see celebrities such as Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at the venue. And the decoration would make one give off heavy sighs. But the one thing that caught our attention the most was the dessert table at the Mehendi night. You may think we are over-reacting, so decide for yourself.

Pakistanis furious over the expenditure

Pakistanis are furious quite more so this time than the last time. The reasons behind it are COVID and the resulting financial troubles that the entire country has been facing. COVID led to many layoffs and salary deductions. People are struggling with their needs, and NGOs have been trying to make sure that more people can get their hands on food rations. So, having an extravagant wedding in this atmosphere seems, to them, very offensive.

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COVID spread

And not just the financial troubles, it is also about COVID. You see, the guests, none of them was wearing any masks. And under one roof, there was a vast number of people celebrating the function. Doesn’t that make it a hub of virus infection? But then again, they are rich; maybe they were told COVID was only a conspiracy of the bourgeois.

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Isn’t this fury justified for did you even SEE the dessert table? It extended up to God knows how long, and oh my god did it look pretty. And we wholeheartedly stand with our fellow Pakistanis here because this was a useless waste of money. They could have spent it on an orphanage or poor people who need help.

All we are trying to say is ‘itna kharcha krna tha to hame bhi bula lete.’ 

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