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Fawad Khan reached the heights of fame in Pakistan and then it appears he made a nest up there somewhere. It’s been six years since his last role. However, the majestic actor has now once again agreed to grace the hearts, minds, and eyes of all his fans and lovers in Ms. Marvel. He has been termed the ‘perfect bait for desis’ and here’s why:

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What Happened?

Fawad Khan appeared in Ms. Marvel’s episode in a limited role. He was shown for a little while, but while his role was limited it was also important. He is brought in when the topic of colonialism is touched upon in the remarkable series. Some romantic scenes between him and Mehwish Hayat also make people go crazy.

What Are People Appreciating?

With Fawad Khan, there’s a lot to appreciate. However, besides his enchanting appearance, people have more to talk about. Everyone is also praising his acting skills which once again showed people why he reached where he did. He just made his Hollywood debut and the acting was phenomenal.

Not even that, it’s been nearly a decade since his last role, yet he looks just the same? Do our eyes deceive us?

What Are People Saying?

We told you, fans are going gaga over his appearance. Have a look at the memes and thoughts of your fellow people on Twitter:

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