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Ms. Marvel has been the talk of the town since its release but there’s still a lot of questioning about whether one should watch it or not. It has cast an inexperienced actress, the show is based on a young girl and most importantly, it’s very Pakistan-centric. So is it a must-watch? Well, yes it’s an incredible watch. Here’s why:

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1. Casting Iman Vellani Was Perfect

Iman Vellani does not have a big project to her name. She’s a regular, Pakistani-American young girl. Many might raise an eyebrow at her being cast— “how will the acting be good?” but it’s perfect. Her acting is natural, never over-the-top, and just pitch-perfect with the series.


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2. The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is also one of the best ones. If you’ve been keeping up with Pakistani music, you’ll realize that this series has handpicked the very best. And they haven’t just stuffed them in, each song has its special place and deserves to be there. Be it Ali Sethi’s hot hit Pasoori, Hassan & Roshaan’s Doobne De and even Nazia Hassan’s one-hit wonders.

3. It’s Real Yet Fantasy

The animations that pop in from time to time make it the best show ever. Want to know why? It’s because it’s also not boring to be entirely ‘real’ based and it’s also not the stuff of barbie land with constant animations. There’s an excellent balance that has been achieved here and that is one of the biggest reasons you should watch Ms. Marvel series.


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4. The Storyline Is Commendable

Here’s another thing: the storyline is simply commendable. It doesn’t dive into the character’s powers or her shortcomings as a person. The build-up, is after all, amazing and that goes for every character in the series and also the plotline generally. We’re all hanging by each episode and each one is better than the last.


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5. It’s Relatable

This is the reason you won’t read about it elsewhere but it comes from the heart. The young girl is a Pakistani-American and struggles with the binaries of both cultures. Besides that, it is also relatable to the kind of difficulties that young children often face when trying to connect to their parents!


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