Indian media is abuzz with some shocking rumors about Pakistani actor, Fawad Khan. Websites across the border have reported the star saying outrageous anti-Bollywood statements. While Khan’s name is being dragged through the mud, the truth has been revealed and our hero has come out clean.

Various news platforms of the neighboring nation quoted the superstar voicing out harsh words against India.

“My first priority is Pakistan. Pakistan comes first, Indian person’s heart is so small. Only money is important for these people, there is no love for country and our soldiers.”

FK’s alleged statement was initially posted on Threemad.com and created a massive splash on social media.






Surprisingly, the website did not refer to any evidential source or video about these proclamations by Fawad Khan. 

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Meanwhile, in another appalling news, President of Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA), TP Aggarwal revealed that Khan said these harsh sentences upon reaching Pakistan.

“Bollywood kisi ke baap ki hai kya jo hum wahan kaam nahin karenge, Bollywood hamare logon ke wajah se hi hai. Jo log hamara virodh kar rahe hain, woh hote kaun hai virodh karne wale, inn chhote logon ki virodh ki hume kya parwah”.

Of course, the nature of these reports clearly appeared to be false! India might not be aware but Fawad Khan is quite a decent man and would never make such scandalous declarations about anyone.

Graciously, an Indian website ‘The Quint’ took the matter into its own hand and contacted TP Aggarwal. Turned out, he didn’t even remember who was the source of Fawad Khan’s statements.



It seems Khan became a victim of a game of Chinese whisper and came under fire for something he didn’t even say!

For those who don’t know, Khan left India 2 months back- way before all the political chaos took place. What is more, he never spoke to Pakistani media and spoke against India or Bollywood.

As soon as the gossips were nipped in the bud, Farhan Akhtar tweeted about how the whole episode was bogus. 

FK’s fans across the border are now truly relieved. 

It was heartbreaking to see how the Pakistani actor became a victim of the political tensions between India and Pakistan.

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