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Famous TV anchor Rabia Anum has hinted towards a leading comedian and social media celebrity of being a harasser.

A number of harassment allegations have come up in recent time against many reputable people after the successful initiative of #metoo movement and this is the latest one.

Rabia Anum, who works at Geo News and hosts the popular TV show Lekin, took to Twitter and spoke on behalf of several young girls who have accused the comedian of harassing them and then pressuring them to stay quiet.

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In an explosive tweet, Rabia did not name and shame the social media star but exposed him nonetheless!

According to Rabia, these girls are reaching out to her and asked for suggestions regarding this case.

She added that these girls have proof but they are too scared to face the judgemental society.

Some people suspected it to be Syed Shafaat Ali who also fits into the description, but Rabia has cleared that its not him.

Syed Shafaat Ali has also broken silence regarding the matter!

Twitterverse is now suspecting that she is talking about Junaid Akram, who is a leading standup comedian and has got a huge fan following on social media.

After Rabia’s tweet, several other girls came forward to support her statement, sharing their own opinions.

Some people think Rabia should not have advertised this matter publicly and should have waited till a formal complaint was lodged against the alleged.

While many think she should have directly named the guy, considering what happened in India recently!

And they think its high time these harassment allegations should be taken seriously!

Rabia Anum has not named anyone and it is too soon to target a particular someone without any proof. Though Junaid Akram has faced harassment allegations in the past as well no evidence has been revealed against him yet.

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But is Rabia really talking about him in her tweet? Let’s see what turn this story is going to take.

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