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One of the leading tech companies and social media platforms, Facebook has sued developers over click fraud!

The two Android developers were using infectious malware to infect their user’s device that faked clicks on ads.

The developers that were caught doing this illegal act are Hong-Kong based JediMobi and Singapore-based LionMobi.

Both developers were a part of Facebook’s Audience Network program. The program helps advertisers host ads on participating mobile applications and the developers of the apps receive a payout in return.

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In this case, Facebook has claimed that both JediMobi and LionMobi had not used human clicks to generate as clicks on the adverts in their apps. The infected applications were basic, everyday use apps such as virus scanner, battery saver, even storage cleaner.

Some users also had suspected the foul play long before it caught Facebook’s attention. The Google Play Store is filled with negative reviews from users who have warned others. One user writes:

Malware. Will show you ads page on your desktop even leaving the app.

Another writes that their negative reviews for the application have been filtered out. Whereas several others have complained about unauthorized access to the data on their phones.

What’s even worse is that LionMobi apps were not only generating fake clicks but also slowing down a user’s device as well.

Worst app. It always slows down my phone and shows adult ads.

As a result, Facebook has sued both developers and has banned them from the Audience Network platform. Facebook clearly wants an example to be made from the scenario so that others do not get the same idea.

The social media giant called the lawsuit “the first of its kind against this practice.” 

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