facebook becomes meta
Image Source: NPR.org

Facebook was to change its name and this idea was already keeping the internet on the edge of its seat. Last night, the world witnessed the parent company named Facebook which owned the social media platforms by the same name as well as Instagram and Whatsapp among other assets, change its name. Facebook becomes Meta was the news that surpassed every current affairs matter.

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Facebook becomes Meta memes

What happens when something recent trends in the news? Memes happen!

Plus, when it is something as grand as Facebook changing names, you can tighten your seatbelts because it will be one hell of a meme ride. Ready? Well, let the games begin then, shall we?

First off we have the age-old meme which is always relevant.

The Office reference is never far behind either. If you are a ‘The Office’ person, this will be laughable for you.

When you take your own experience and turn it into a joke and many find it amusing because they relate to it, and it is an experience like this; a moment of silence for you.

Once in a blue moon, a savage remark also sneaks its way into the meme world.

Or maybe memes are really a way to strategically make a savage remark that most people find funny.

This one deserves an ‘ouch’ tough.

Serves them right for always coming back to us with ‘username not available’.

And here I was, thinking, “Why no one connected the dots [yet]?”

This is fun though. Zuckerberg did talk about meta and metaverse, but surely no one imagined such non-effort which is what make makes the memes and the situation a hundred times funnier than it actually is.

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From a logical end, this makes sense as well because of the fact that Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp led to confusion between the company and the platform. This measure will lead to a better business strategy for Mark Zuckerberg probably. That said, they could have put more brains in and come up with something cooler.

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