facebook getting a rebrand on company name soon
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There are quite a few titans in the tech industry today but Facebook is one of the biggest ones out there. Not only are they moving forward in the industry, but their innovations are also shaping parts of the world. Despite there being a pandemic in the last two years, the company has risen quite fast. In recent months, it has also been the subject of a lawsuit that landed them in deep waters. In between, we also saw the privacy issue that arose with Facebook.

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It seems it’s time for another piece of major news. While the company has not officially made a statement, the rumors and memes have already enveloped the internet. It seems that Mark Zuckerberg plans to announce the rebranding of the Facebook name. It is expected to happen at the conference on October 28th. However, some sources say that it could happen earlier as well.

facebook changing name to another
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Facebook Name Changing

This news comes at quite an interesting time considering Mark has been talking about the metaverse for quite a while. In response to this news, Facebook has stated that it does not believe in the promotion of rumors and speculations. However, that has not stopped the memes from rolling out into the world. Twitter has exploded with many and they are hilarious!

New Developments

As you can see, the internet has decided to come down hard on this news. We are not sure what the new name is going to be so, for now, we can just enjoy the memes! Apart from that, Mark Zuckerberg has also talked about how he intends to establish the metaverse. This is a place where people, from all facebook-owned platforms, can reside in a single virtual environment. If Facebook is rebranded, the social media app will become a subsidiary of a parent company.

That last one is certainly our favorite one!

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