tesla bot has been revealed by Elon Musk
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Do you know that ‘The Terminator’ has a full 100% rating on rotten tomatoes? It is one of the few movies that feel ahead of their time. The concept shown was quite new at the time and everyone wanted to go see it. James Cameron said that the ‘I’ll be back’ line became one of the most famous in history. Arnold became an icon for the industry and the genre. Today, you cannot look at him and stop imagining the T-1000. So, now let us see what the Tesla Bot is.

terminator and the Tesla bot revealed
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In a recent reveal by Elon Musk, this product came to light. Until now, we had thought that the tech genius was working in Aerospace and Automobile only. However, the reveal shows us that Elon Musk is hard at work towards something much more complex. It seems that they have designed the new Tesla Bot and it has been getting a lot of time in the spotlight.

Tesla bot and the future of Robotics
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Tesla Bot Incoming

So, what are the details of the Tesla Bot itself? It is built at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches for starters, which is the average height. The design of the bot is in humanoid form so, from afar, you might not be able to differentiate between bot and human. Apart from that, it has a carrying capacity of 45 lbs and a max speed of 8 km/h. According to Musk, it has been made to get rid of boring, everyday tasks and make life easier for us.

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One of the most outstanding features is the Tesla Bot’s ability to deadlift. The bot can lift a maximum of 150lbs right now but it is still under development and improvement. It seems that it has been made for a lot of industrial purposes too. This means that manual labour would be replaced with such robots that can move and carry around objects without fatigue. Musk further stated that this is all part of the development in AI that the company has been doing.

A World Of Robots

A powerful vision-based supercomputer will be working on the backend of this robot. There are other companies that have functioning and well-established robots already. However, we have yet to see how the Tesla Bot stands out among all. Still, one cannot help but think about all the movies where AI takes over planet Earth! Let us not forget Will Smith’s ‘I, Robot’ or how the future is portrayed in Ex Machina or Wall-E.

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Who knows, today the robot is lifting dead weights. Tomorrow, it tries to go back and eliminate Sarah Conner!

terminator and tesla bot
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