Tesla takes a dig at tech giants
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How many car brands can you name sitting right now? We bet that you can guess the brands easily from their logos alone. Car buffs are specially trained in the knowledge about cars. If you are someone interested in cars, you know how well the industry in Pakistan has been doing recently. Looking at the tech industry worldwide, Tesla has just taken a jab at them.

By jab, we are referring to the latest comment made on Twitter. There is a personality on YouTube, by the name of Utsav Techie. They specialize in the reviews of tech devices. A majority of these are smartphones from the titan companies. Some of the most frequently reviewed ones are Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung. So, what exactly has happened on Twitter. Why is Tesla going viral again and what might Elon be up to?

Tesla taking dig at tech
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Clever Response:

One of the most interesting ways to start a battle is on the internet. It is true that anonymity makes people fearless but fame does something different. It gives people a different perspective on life. Additionally, it shows them that the world is watching their every word and they should speak carefully.

Utsav Techie recently tweeted about how so many tech giants are making cars. From Huawei to LG, all the way up to Xiaomi and Apple, everyone is making a car. He then also writes that Tesla is making cars too.

The last sentence of the tweet is where the underlying point is. It said that everybody is going to make cars. This may be an intentional point towards the fact that maybe the companies have run out of ideas. Maybe everyone is trying to do the same thing, just with different outcomes or features. To this, Tesla replied with an ingenious comment. Elon Musk said that anyone can make a prototype but producing is the difficult part.

Tesla On Fire:

While it is true that production is difficult, Tesla was making a clear jab at tech giants. They meant to say that everyone can make cars but it takes more effort to produce in mass. Tesla may be one of the top ones today but it has had some difficult times before. There was a point when the company had almost gone bankrupt and were saved by another company.

Production is definitely difficult but that doesn’t mean that one should take a dig at prototypes. Coming up with a design and constructing a prototype alone is more difficult than it sounds. According to the writer of this article, one should not speak ill of any progress. Every one of us is in the same race with a common goal, so there is no need for ill intents.

teh giants jabbed by Tesla
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We are highly anticipating the car releases by all of these companies as well as Tesla. Much remains to be seen and the revolution has barely begun. Maybe we get to see the Apple car before we enter into 2025 or 2026.

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