11 Instagram-Worthy Restaurants In Karachi You Should Visit At Least Once
Image source: foodtribune.com

Despite how excellent a restaurant’s foods and services are, one of the most critical factors we tend to consider is the restaurant’s ambiance. How comfortable and relaxing is it? How well do the restaurants look in the pictures or, in other words, how Instagram-worthy it is? Social media has changed our narrative when it comes to dining out. And as much as it sounds superficial, it has become more about taking cool pictures for the gram than indulging in food. Regardless if it makes you happy, then there is no harm in it.

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That is why, today, we are doing a round of all the Instagram-worthy restaurants you can visit to get some incredible shots.

1. Swing 

Swing can take the award for being one of the best aesthetically pleasing restaurants in Karachi. The colossal flower wall has been one of the main attractions of the restaurants ever since it was launched. The place is a dream come true for all the girls to take aesthetically pleasing pictures, from cute mirror selfies to portraits. The pink couches and swings add a touch of elegance and feminity to the place, making it perfect for a girl’s night out.

2. Colette

Xander’s baby sister, or in other words, Colette, has an interior to die for. The vibrant shades of red and royal blue make the place lively and attractive. The indoor seating area has a huge tree installed which looks not only pretty but absolutely gorgeous. However, to make out the most of it, try and visit it in the evening to get some bright pictures under the dim lights.

3. Easy 

Easy’s huge donut display is a sight for sore eyes enough to combat your sugar cravings. Not to mention the enormous neon-bright board, which is hanging just above the counter. Easy stays true to its name by providing a chill and laidback vibe. The pastel grey and pink color palette add a perfect hint to the eatery, making it one of the most famous Instagrammable restaurants in the city.

4. Loco 

A treat for all the art lovers, Loco offers huge bright-coloured paintings installed along with bright wallpapers. As if their interior was not enough to capture your attention, their food is sight-worthy and can make for some of the best food pictures.

5. Jucy Lucy 

The picture-perfect decor with huge bright yellow-colored windows and doors is the most eye-catching thing about the restaurant. The minimal sleek interior and furniture make this one perfect for the snaps.

6. Maribelle 

More like a flower garden than a restaurant, Maribelle is the epitome of an Instagram-worthy restaurant. The perfect place to host birthday parties and bridal showers, Maribelle offers lots of scenic displays and beautiful decor. Not to mention an old school car right outside the restaurant. The pink-colored phone booth adorned in flowers along with massive flower walls is the perfect spot for an Instagram-worthy lunch.

7. Praha 

Another restaurant that offers a blend of Instagram-worthy decor is Praha. From its sleek interior to pastel-colored decor, the restaurant is an absolute feast for someone who likes everything pretty but not done over the top.

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8. Cocochan

Cocochan’s interior offers a blend of modern and vintage. The amalgamation of black and white flooring with pastel flowers and decoration on the roof and the pretty sunset views makes it worth a visit at least once.

9. Manhattan 

The sleek design of the interior and the coziness the place offers makes it a go-to for all entrepreneurs and working people. Manhattan might not be one for big flower walls or photo ops, but the scenic views from the rooftop are some of the best, which makes it lands amongst the Instagram-worthy restaurants in Karachi.

10. Yoshi’s 

A treat for all anime or manga lovers, Yoshi’s offers cute photo props so that you don’t forget to have fun while taking pictures. However, the restaurant’s highlight is the pink door designed like a vending machine as if you are entering one.

11. Thyme 

Another one on the list that deserves the spot for being an Instagram-worthy restaurant is Thyme. With its bright coloured interior and artistic installations, the restaurant offers some of the best backdrops for pictures. The restaurant offers different decor in different areas which amalgamate to create a blend of modern and classic.

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