Electric Vehicles in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the Ministry of Climate Change to finalize an electric vehicle policy in the next 15 days and present it in front of the federal cabinet for approval.

These instructions were given during a high-level meeting on Friday while discussing climate change in the capital city of Islamabad.

PM Khan had been informed that the main contributor to the excessive pollution in Punjab leading to climate change is smoke emitted by the vehicles.

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Thus, the ministry officials stressed that a need to promote electric vehicles to reduce carbon emission.

Now, Malik Amin Aslam, an adviser to PM Imran Khan shared that PM Khan wants to achieve a goal of converting 30% of all cars running in Pakistan into electric cars by 2030.

Malik Amin Aslam said:

Most countries are opting for electric cars across the world and Pakistan is far behind in it and once introduced in the country, electric vehicles will help save Rs2 billion worth of oil imported into the country besides reducing the country’s air pollution.

However, given that in a country like Pakistan where the infrastructure is unlike international countries, this might be a far-sighted goal. Nonetheless, the government wants to start somewhere and introduce more changes like ‘Green Rickshaw’ and more.

Various proposals were under consideration to gather financial resources of the project which include Green Sukuk, Forest Bonds and the establishment of Green Fund, a Chinese cooperation project.

We have now to see what policy is introduced and what fruits does it have to give to the country.

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