Careem Pakistan is known for having a savage social media team, especially on Twitter. The ride-hailing application rolls out several out-of-the-box campaigns which go viral in no time.

In April, the campaign successfully pulled a prank by convincing many individuals to change their last name to Careem in order to get massive discounts. However, they did not realize it was April Fools!

Not just that, it even compelled thousands of girls to think that their ‘Humsafar’ for the day is going to be Fawad Khan, and once again it turned out that that is the name of one of their Captains and not the actor.

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With election preparations on full-swing, the company has once again rolled out a new campaign which has yet again become the talk of the town. It all started with a single tweet, “Mere Aziz hum watno…”

Then it continued with yet another hysterical tweet!

It rolled out its first election’s campaign with the caption; Roti, Kapra, Makaan, aur #Promo. Yehi hai #Careem ka motto! We all know it’s the most famous ‘naara’ of Pakistan’s Peoples Party!

If you think that was the best they could have done, Careem did it once again with an ‘afternun’ pun while trolling PML-N!

Who could forget ‘Kaptaan Shahab?’ Jeena Hoga, Marna Hoga, Dharna Hoga – Dharna Hoga!

Or the ‘Beshumar’ love the company has for its customers!

Careem encouraged everyone to dance in happiness because their promo is here!

While cheering for the ‘Kaaptans’!

Ensuring that customers will want to bring Careem again and again!

Who could forget the Army in the midst of all the hype?

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While Careem has encouraged thousands of Pakistanis to come out and vote, leaving behind the thought “one vote won’t make a difference” it has also received a lot backlash.

Many supporters are furious on the usage of slogans, showing disrespect and insult towards their respective leaders and supporters.

As an apology, Careem took it to their Twitter to clarify that the platform is election neutral and had no intention of hurting the sentiments of their customers and any Pakistani across the country.

It added that their aim is to encourage individuals to vote, which is the purpose behind the campaign.

What do you think about this campaign? Is Careem taking sides or playing neutral?

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