The lengths fans go through for their favorite celebrities and idols are something we have seen very often. But what about going to extreme lengths for YouTubers and influencers? Blind leading a blind would not be an understatement. In a recent instance YouTuber ‘Ducky Bhai’ influenced her fans to shave her head off and we don’t know how we feel about it.

Ducky’s True Fan? 

A girl who goes by the name of Sakina posted a video on her YouTube channel in an attempt to shave off her head. The video started with her being devastated after the YouTuber shaved off her beard and hair. The girl attempted to chop off her hair with kitchen scissors which didn’t go well. While she was seen getting shouted at and screamed at in the video, the whole fiasco seems nothing less than planted.

Later, the girl with the help of a family member completely shaved off her head and here’s the video for your reference.

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The drama doesn’t stop here as the girl later was seen getting scolded by her mother. Not to mention she even physically hit her on her head for shaving off her hair. While we don’t approve of the way the matter was being handled, her mother’s sentiments were hurt and we could totally relate with her.

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The girl with a head full of beautiful hair went bald in the blink of an eye to get attention from her favorite YouTuber. While there can be many ways to show your love towards your favorite celebrities, these low blows are definitely not it.

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