Waqar Zaka recently voiced his concerns over the country’s online content trends, particularly addressing recent developments on the platform X.

In a video shared on Platform X, Waqar Zaka expressed disappointment over the reception of Ducky Bhai’s latest video, where the latter fulfilled a promise to shave his head and beard upon reaching 6 million subscribers on YouTube. Zaka also took aim at Hania Aamir, expressing his views on what he considers unproductive content.

Questioning the priorities of the masses, Zaka asked viewers whether such content, referring to Ducky Bhai’s video, should dominate social media trends, emphasizing the contrast between the fascination with fashion and the lack of attention to pressing global issues, such as the situation in Palestine.

Reflecting on his own content, Zaka remarked on the prevalence of controversial videos gaining traction over informative ones, including controversies involving figures like Nida Yasir.

In a candid assertion, Zaka shifted responsibility from content creators to the audience, pointing out that it is the masses who promote and dictate the popularity of specific content.

Addressing the desire for content on advanced topics like artificial intelligence and teleportation, Zaka expressed skepticism, noting that the audience’s inclination tends to favor lighter, more entertaining content over informative and educational material.

Waqar Zaka concluded by characterizing Pakistan as a “meme nation,” suggesting that while the nation may find amusement in such content, the rest of the world is laughing at them.

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