YouTuber, Ducky Bhai, is back with another date in a quest to reach 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and it seems like the Youtuber has nailed down the trick to increase his followers.

After completing a dare as he hit 6 million subscribers last week Ducky Bhai shaved his head and hair as promised to his fans on his YouTube channel. He is back yet again with another dare given to him by himself and that is to lose weight by the time he gets 7 million subscribers.

What’s In The Store For Fans?

Ducky Bhai has vows to give PS5 to a random person in case he fails to achieve his target weight goal by the time he hits 7 million subscribers. Talk about a long shot or an antic to gain more followers in less time – YouTubers sure know how to keep their fans on the hook with new tricks.

Here’s the tweet posted by the YouTuber on his social media below.

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How Twitter Reacted To News?

While many might have assumed a decent reaction to the tweet with anticipation and excitement, the same was not seen as people called him out for being insensitive.

Many tweets redirected the concern towards Gaza and how many people on the streets need food rather than gaming consoles. Here are a few responses from the Twitter post below.

Some people, however, shared their addresses and advised the YouTuber to follow these routes so that they can receive the PS5.

Meanwhile, some suggested he host an online giveaway so fans can participate equally.

Share your thoughts about the YouTubers doing antics to gain attention on the social media below.

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