Alizeh Shah recently shared a picture with a filter on and fans are not happy with the look. The actress has been actively trying to change her look for quite some time. In every picture, we get to see a new face of Shah, some even inspired by Japanese anime. Previously, a photo op of the actress in a blonde wig and a jumper dress shook the internet.

A recent picture taken by the actress in the cat filter however is not amusing the fans and critics. The actress has been accused of heavily using Photoshop and filters.

Here’s the picture under critical scrutiny.

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Dressed up in all black, with the cat filter on Alizeh’s facial structure seems to have changed in the picture which is the case with using filters every time.

The comments section of the post had people complaining about the actress’s choice to change her look almost every day. Some users also noted the natural beauty of the actress and how she is ruining her beautiful facial features by using these filters.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

What do you think about Alizeh Shah’s ever-transforming look and personality? Are you a fan of her skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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