Airpods are one of the most convenient gadgets to enhance work efficiency or just listen to music. While they are supposed to work seamlessly with your iOS devices, a few issues can result in a few glitches now and then. Getting a new pair might be tempting but looking out for troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Here are a few things you can do to make your AirPods work again.

1. Disconnect & Reconnect 

If your AirPods are lagging and you are facing connection issues, one thing you can do is disconnect and reconnect the connection with your iOS devices. Just put your AirPods or AirPods Max in the Charging Case or Smart Case, wait for a few seconds, and then take them out again to reconnect them.

2. Clean The Airpods

In certain instances, the dirt, earwax, or moisture buildup in the AirPods can also cause Bluetooth distortion leading to connectivity issues. The only way to solve the problem is to clean the AirPods with alcohol and a cotton swab. Dip the cotton bud in alcohol and rub it onto the earpiece. Use the cotton swab to get into all of the crevices of the devices. The loose debris can be removed with a clean cloth. Once the debris is removed the process is to clear our leftover debris.

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3. Reset Airpods 

A range of issues including random disconnections, and lack of prompt charging can start to develop over time. One way to kick-start your AirPods is to reset them. Resetting the AirPods can remove any paired device history. This will effectively reset them back to factory settings so that your device is the first to pair with them.

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4. Install Updates 

Installing updates has been the way to solve problems in the AirPods ever since their launch. If your AirPods have a software-related problem updating the version can help. Open the settings app and go to Software Update. If an update is available, install it. The AirPods automatically update when they’re charging and near your iPhone.

5. Disable Automatic Ear Detection 

Automatic Ear Detection is a feature that automatically detects when your AirPods are in your ears. But it can also cause the audio to disconnect, especially if you tend to fidget with the left or the right AirPod while wearing them. If your AirPods don’t stay connected to your iPhone, turning off Automatic Ear Detection can help.

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6. Avoid Wireless Interference 

Wireless interference can also prevent your AirPods from working correctly. Identifying and eliminating common sources of interference around you—such as poorly shielded power cables, microwave ovens, and wireless speakers can solve the problem.

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