arranged marriage armeena khan
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Armeena Khan has been known as the voice of reason in the industry. The actress has spoken about a variety of issues all of which matter a lot to the citizens of Pakistan. Thus, the actress is an intellectual in the industry and we aren’t surprised that she has asked her fans a question that is food for thought. Let’s find out about the discussion she prompted.

arranged marriage armeena khan
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Armeena Khan’s Question

Armeena Khan took to Twitter to ask her fans a question that honestly can never have a single answer. The actress asked her fans: “Do arrange marriages work?” However, anticipating the roasting session she could be subjected to, she also added a disclaimer. Armeena Khan added, “no shade, just a question!”

Provided that arranged marriages are central to our culture yet are losing their value, it is interesting that the actress poses this question. 

Here’s Her Tweet:

Netizens’ Knowledge Vault

Netizens are masters of all trades and this question gave us access to their vault of knowledge. Since Armeena Khan has such a large following, we aren’t surprised to see hundreds of responses.

The different responses come from people’s own perceptions, experiences, and beliefs. 

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The Religious Perspective

Many suggested that arranged marriage is Sunnah. Moreover, others suggested that relationships before marriage are haram thus arranged marriage are the only good option!

What Doesn’t Work

There was also a response that said ‘how’ two people meet is not important. They could meet via arranged marriage or love, it can work and also not work. What breaks a marriage is a toxic personality, bad traits and negative habits.

Lost Hope

There was also another response that bordered between comic and tragic! Someone shared that in Pakistan, neither can work because of how in-laws have continued their hostility to love marriages while husbands commit infidelity in arranged. Everyone is passing time!

How Can Both Types of Marriages Work?

The wise ones also gave their suggestions on what does make a marriage work. They shared some values, habits and requirements that can make both, arranged and love marriages, work healthily. Do you think these suggestions have some weight to them?

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The Smooth Criminal

Last, but not least, there is the perfect example of a smooth pick-up line by Armeena Khan’s fan on Twitter. Isn’t this just witty?

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