google pixel 6 potato chips in Japan
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Google smartphones are some of the best ones out there today. Their camera capabilities are beyond many things that we are currently using. You know a picture is going to be top-notch when it’s being taken by a Google Pixel phone. In light of that, the company may soon release a new Pixel phone, the Google Pixel 6. It is sure to have some tremendous capabilities, considering it has the famous tensor chip inside it!

A lot of people are hyped up by the news surrounding this new phone. The tensor chip will allow people to have enhanced camera features. A phone that is known for its picture functionality is sure to rock the world when they release their latest product. Apart from that, the screen on the new phone seems quite impressive, in the select reviews that we have seen. So, what is all this news about potato chips? Is anyone selling them for free? Can we have some?

google pixel 6 potato chips
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Google Pixel Chips

Due to the upcoming release, a lot of promotion for the smartphone is underway. Despite there still being a pandemic, the company has not slowed down in its attempts to make sure the word reaches the public. In their most recent attempt at promotion, the company had released Google Pixel 6 potato chips in Japan. It was done briefly but it seems quite ingenious.

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They even released a whole commercial that shows the chips. The design of the potato chips packet has been done to resemble the design of the phone. This has been done with similar colours and a general outlook. In the commercial, the people are even seen using the potato chips bag as a phone, putting it on charge, or listening to calls on it! It is certainly an innovative way to get the word of mouth going.

Going Innovative

Google Japan launched about 10,000 units of these potato chips when the promotion first began. The bags were quickly claimed by fans of either Google Pixel phones or fans of potato chips. Maybe you are both! Now that this has been done, maybe it’s time for some Pixel burger or Pixel pizza, eh Google?

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This is sure to increase the hype already surrounding the smartphone as well as get the word out to the public about a new release. We are sure that old fans are going to go for the phone and this kind of promotion can create a whole lot of new fans!

eating potato chips by google
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