Comparison in Google Pixel 6 and 6 pro
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Google has certainly established itself well when it comes to smartphones. It not only houses the best search engine out there, but it also makes great smartphones. Even if you are a fan of pixel phones or not, you must be impressed with the latest release. They seem quite impressive but we have to see if one triumph over the other or not. Today, we look at a comparison between the two variants of the Pixel 6: the standard and the 6 Pro.

Please note that not every specification of the phone is confirmed yet.

The Pixel Comparison

There are quite a few things to note in both of these smartphones. The Google Pixel 6 is said to be the most powerful smartphone to be released by Google. However, the two variants in the phone are said to be more different than the other. Since Google has said that the standard version is going to be at a premium price, we can expect the pro to be higher.


Firstly, the display on the Pixel 6 is set at 6.4 inches whereas the 6 Pro measures 6.7 inches. You can definitely tell the difference between the two, one is slightly bigger than the other. The chipset in both of them is going to be the new Google Tensor chip. It is said to house capabilities beyond what smartphones are currently doing. This is sure to have some development in the camera sector of the phones.

Camera Details

When we talk about the camera on both phones, there is a difference. On the Pixel 6, we have a duo camera array, with the main one at 50MP with a 12MP ultra-wide. On the other one, however, we have a triple camera array. The additional is a 48MP telephoto lens, which is sure to enhance the photography experience.

google pixel 6
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google pixel and picel pro comparison
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If we talk about the internal specs, the standard version is going to have 8GB ram and options of 128/256 GB storage. On the other hand, the Pro variant will have 12GB ram and storage variants of 128/256/512 GB. Additionally, the battery on the standard will have a 4614mah capacity whereas the pro will have 5000mah capacity.

Verdict On The Pixel

While the standard version itself is highly impressive, many people would want to go for the pro too. The writer of this article believes that if you want to go that extra mile, you should. It can be an enhanced experience to use the 6 Pro. However, if your budget extends to the standard version, you should definitely get it.

Price details

There is a lot that we don’t know about the phone right now but here is all the information that is currently revolving around the internet. While the price of the Pixel 6 has not been revealed yet, sources say it could be about $800. This would mean that the Pixel 6 Pro is going to be at least $1000. Now that could be a first for Google, making a phone that costs over $1000.

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