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June 24, 2020: Farwa Batool, a Pakistani girl from Quetta, has topped in her Central Superior Services (CSS) exam in Balochistan. While she’s on the first number in her province, she secured 9th position countrywide. The results for this year were announced just last week.

Twitter lauded Farwa’s accomplishments once the result was out. Farwa belongs to the Hazara community and struggled throughout her life to achieve something of value for herself.

Her success has been termed as significant “success of women” in our society.

Many people have lost their lives from the Hazara community in Quetta due to sectarian terrorism. Regardless of all the odds, Farwa managed to continue her education with full determination.

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May 14, 2019:

Earlier this week, the Senate had passed a resolution to allow Central Superior Services (CSS) candidates to take their exams in our national language, Urdu.

According to Urdupoint, Senator Sirajul Haq was the one who presented the resolution in the upper house.

Giving examples of countries like China and Japan, Amir Sirajul Haq demanded that applicants should be given the option to take CSS exams in Urdu as well.

 “We can also progress by holding the CSS exams in Urdu. Urdu language is recognition of Pakistan nation and its culture, therefore it is inevitable the language should be given constitutional status”

India Copies Pakistan’s CSS Exams


State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan, said that there are six compulsory and 45 optional subjects in the CSS exam. Moreover, he mentioned that all compulsory subjects were taught at universities in English.

Using that argument, he supported his stance that CSS candidates should be allowed to take the CSS exams in their choice of language.

The debate concluded with the Senate’s verdict that Urdu be added as an optional language in the exams along with English.

CSS Examination Policy Revised

Some think it will make no significant difference.

While others are sharing the news on social media as “good news,” as it will help promote our national language.

What do you think? Will it prove to be a good idea?

Let us know in the comments below.