Internet Is Having A Field Day After Sadaf Kanwal's Interview
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With privilege comes great responsibility and the opportunity to spread awareness. However, sometimes trying to spread awareness can bite you in the back, and it seems like the same thing is happening with Sadaf Kanwal after her interview.

Sadaf Kanwal’s Interview 

It’s day 3, and the memes are still pouring in. The internet is having a field day trying to come up with memes and jokes. Social media is full of tweets and posts where the memers are putting their A-game on. And some of these are downright hilarious.

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Let’s have a look at some of them.

However, those who are not married are sad because they can’t find their culture or, in other words, a husband.

Kudos to her for bringing the Mian G in the field today.

Trying to put a spin on our culture? There is no better way than this because…Anarkali!

Sadaf Knawal=1


And once again, someone trying to find their culture. Oh, sorry, their husband.

Meanwhile, someone didn’t forget to share the reaction of men over the interview.

And in case you are not getting the context of these memes, take a look at this video.

The Problematic Statement 

Trying to make a solid statement by trying to call out the feminists is low. Not to mention the country where the theory and ideas behind feminism are already distorted, and everyone seems to share a version of their own. While everybody is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t take much to be mindful of your statement and develop a logical response to a question asked by the interviewer.

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