processed food cognitive decline
Image Source: American Heart Association

Our world today has become settled on ultra-processed foods. It’s a part of our daily life and we often turn towards it for convenient purposes. However, have you seen what the effects of ultra-processed foods are? They could be debilitating and they’re impacting you a lot.

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What Is The Consequence?

Eating ultra-processed foods for more than 20% of your daily calorie intake can be tough for your cognition. In other words, eating even a little bit of ultra-processed foods every day could set you on the path of cognitive decline.

processed food cognitive decline
Image Source: Health Tech

Why Do We Turn To Them?

Ultra-processed foods do make our lives easier. For instance, consider prepackaged soups, sauces, frozen pizza and ready-to-eat meals. They get made in a second and you’re set. However, the consequences are tough for your health.

 But ultra-processed foods don’t just mean fast foods. They also mean sweet foods. Think ice cream, hot cakes, cinnamon rolls or whatever. It’s basically because the salt and sugar nowadays have become ultra-processed. Therefore, as a consequence, all the other foods have too.

processed food cognitive decline
Image Source: Nutrition Society

What Have Studies Found?

Recent studies have found that they can raise our risk of obesity, heart and circulation problems, diabetes and cancer. This also means our average life longevity is declining. Moreover, the study has also revealed that eating more ultra-processed foods leads to cognitive decline. This includes the areas of the brain involved in executive functioning. That’s where we process information and make decisions— your brain is getting slower.

processed food cognitive decline
Image Source: Healio

The Effect On Men and Women

Considering this in mind, men and women who ate the most ultra-processed foods had the worst and accelerated rate of cognitive decline. They had a 28% faster rate of global cognitive decline. Moreover, there is also a 25% faster rate of executive function decline. In comparison, those who ear ultra-processed foods much lesser show lesser decline.

Mostly men are resorting to ultra-processed foods because of gender roles too. They don’t cook well for themselves which is why they depend on these foods more.

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