dam wala pizza now on the menu
Image Source: casadellapiadacrm.com

We are often left stunned by the new inventions that people come up with when it comes to Food. Often times, some combinations might not feel as good to taste as they are in real life. When ‘Nulli Biryani’ was first introduced, it did not sit well with a lot of people and there are still many who do not like it. However, there are those that actually enjoy the taste of the two things together. Just like that, a new type of Pizza has been introduced in town.

Do you remember the videos of Rahat Fateh Ali that went viral a while back? In it, he was seemingly having a conflict with a person and later, an apology video was released.

A New Pizza In Town

In fact, multiple videos were released in which the famed singer was clarifying that he was having a conflict with a student. He further clarified that the conflict was due to the student losing his bottle of ‘Dam Wala Pani’. While we are not sure how much truth there is to it, the videos themselves have gone quite viral since then.

In light of that, Pizza Bake, one of the known pizza places in Karachi, has introduced a new Pizza. Yes, where we were hearing things about ‘Dam Wala Pani’, we can now see the introduction of ‘Dam Wala Pizza’. The advertisement has gone quite viral, with a lot of people questioning what exactly is the food item made of and how can it be ‘Dam Wala’.

new dam wala item being sold as food
Image Source: facebook.com

Our people are quite ahead of many when it comes to making memes. It is said that news reaches people later, memes reach first. The meme game of Pakistani people is too strong, and we can see it well in even the products that are sold here on a local scale. That said, we urge you to try out this pizza, in light of having some form of realization while eating it.

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