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There are many education boards in Pakistan. Each of them is important to the province they are in. In Karachi alone, you can find more than one kind of education board. However, if we look at cheating, the condition is pretty much the same everywhere. All over the province, we see numerous cases of exam cheating every year. From copying papers to handing notes through windows, what is it that the children have not tried?

While the condition of the board may have gotten a little better, there is still a lot of room left. Board exams are made from the same syllabus every year, with slight differences. Even if someone goes into the paper with good preparation, they may be held back because of a cheater. However, as recent news tells us, it is not just the children who are encouraging this behaviour. The CM KP has recently removed a board official due to them helping their son cheat.

The Chemistry Board Exam

A while back, a chemistry exam was taking place. Each student was either trying their best or trying to catch a glance. Among all this, one of the students was caught cheating on a paper. This was the son of the controller of examination in Malakand, Mian Wazir Jan. Apparently, his son was copying notes and answers from resources while in a room locked from outside. This was an attempt to make sure no one walked into that room.

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However, spokespeople of media found out about this and then a video was released. In the video, one could see that the student was indeed copying answers from a resource. This is highly unethical and inappropriate. It shows that one is using their examination powers for the worst. Not only has the board official been removed by CM KP but the student will face consequences too. One cannot just abuse this form of power and expect to get away with it. Twitter had a lot to say on the matter too.

Improving Education in Pakistan

Rather than helping students cheat, the officials should be attempting to improve the education system. Altering the syllabus and making sure students learn from it, should be priority number one. How can we hope to move forward as a nation if the education system is lagging behind?

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We hope that all students ace their exam papers and go on to become the future of Pakistan. However, one must always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. There are only tough roads with lessons along the way.

Additionally, it must also be noted that exam paper difficulty should be set according to the academic level. Anyone with a passion to learn and obtain knowledge will never find ways to cheat. However, everyone in the education system should be considerate of the students’ needs.

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