Image Source: ARY News

Yesterday, Shafqat Mahmood shared the incident of action taken against a board official who was caught helping his son cheat. While some appreciated him, others mentioned various other problematic instances of Pakistan’s education system. Amongst these instances, were videos of students openly copying during exams. But the most controversial video shared would probably be the one where a teacher was spotted taking bribes.

The video in question

In the video taken with a hidden camera, you can see three men sitting at a table receiving practical registers from students. Seeing as the educational system in government schools is not as strict as it should be, it is expected for students to not have done their work. So, the students who have not maintained their practical registers obviously would end up failing. But the video shows those students approaching the men and submitting bribes, which the men are readily accepting.

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People also wanted to direct the Federal Minister of Education’s attention towards the Sindh board. In order to do that, they shared a video from a time when an exam was being conducted. But the environment sure doesn’t seem like it. It looks more like a party with songs in the background and some students making small talk while others copying answers.

Consequences of taking bribes in education

Are we not going to talk about what the consequences of such an act will be? Already, a large population in Pakistan is illiterate and the ones that are literate, most of them stopped going to school after a certain grade. Now, just imagine that they sought education until tenth grade. Hence, we will be attributing them as tenth-grade graduates. But in reality, they barely went to school and they passed because they submitted bribes in exchange for a passing grade. Is that what we want to promote; an illiterate next generation?

Are we really ready to hand over the reins of the country to the youth who has been trained like this; not preparing practical registers and bribing officials? Are we not going to set better examples for the youth?

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