Pakistan citizenship and getting it in 7 years
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When we are born in a place, we often become accustomed to it. If we live there long after birth, we come to understand how it works. Then, at a higher age, we are made citizens of that place. However, one can be granted citizenship in other places as well. Of course, there are certain conditions that must be met but it is possible. If you live long enough in a place, you can be made a loyal citizen of it. There is no doubt that many countries offer this, but there are some that don’t.

It can be quite difficult for foreigners to get citizenship in middle eastern countries. Similarly, China stands as a country where you cannot be a registered citizen. You may spend years, decades, at the place but you will not be able to achieve that level of residency. If your work is done, then you must find more or move back to your home country.

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Citizenship Being Given

In a meeting that took place recently, the chairman of NADRA brought a new amendment to light. According to sources, foreigners can now be granted citizenship in Pakistan. Apart from any legal documents, the catch is that they have to be living in the country for, at least, 7 years. If you are not from Pakistan but have been living here for 7 years now, then you can apply for citizenship.

The policy has yet to be implemented but it has gone into effect. Sooner than later, foreigners will be able to become local citizens of the country and they can be proud of it. It can be quite a milestone to be able to have more than one citizenship. It signifies your diverse lifestyle and how much time you’ve spent far from home.

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Living In Pakistan

That said, we hope to see more and more foreigners take advantage of this new policy. After all, students and other professionals are going abroad, why not have some here? In the same meeting, many other agendas were discussed and stressed upon. They also included the current condition of the country in specific areas, including human rights.

There was also a lot of talking done on privacy and data breaches. NADRA confirmed that they’ve never had a data breach and have never been the subject of a hack. Each citizen is allowed access to their own data and no other organization is allowed to store their data. Additionally, people worry about their privacy but it has been discussed that there is no breach of it either.

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