In a shocking turn of events, Karachi Port Trust has imposed Section 144 on the newly inaugurated China Port on Wednesday.

The ban was put into effect after a car fell off into the sand, injuring 2 people in the process.

According to Karachi Port Trust (KPT), the water level of the sea is very deep and there are no safety walls around the area.

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Consequently, there is a high risk of visitors falling into the water and drowning themselves. The pavement is surrounded by uniquely shaped rocks protecting it from the waves. However, the sharp rocks can also injure the sightseers.

What’s more, various cases of sexual harassment, snatching, and theft has been reported to the police.

Within just a few weeks of its inauguration, the Port had literally turned into a junkyard, as people were throwing garbage and spitting ‘Pan/Gutka’ over the rocks.

Unfortunately, the citizens thought of it as a picnic spot and ruined it.

China Port’s actual name is Pakistan Deep Water Container Port, it got its name because it was formed under a collaboration between Pakistan Port Trust and Hong Kong-based Hutchison Ports.

The spot is also known as ‘Oyster Rocks’ and is about a 2.5 Kilometers wide long breakwater built by China to protect the South Asian Pakistan Terminal.

The strip was originally constructed to protect large freight ships from high tides, sand and coastline erosion.

Karachiites appear heartbroken over the closure of the new destination in town!

Earlier this year in March, Section 144 was also imposed on Karachi Fish Harbour due to ‘Illegal Activities’ being carried out.

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Contributed by: Uzair Alavi