Careem often makes headlines for its out-of-the-box marketing stunts.

Some love and laud their promotional strategies. Others hate their advertising gimmicks and bash the ride-hailing service for being too bold.

Careem’s Hilarious Dig at Daraz is Winning the Internet!


Yet again, the brand has stirred up a storm on social media and this time, it has resulted in Pakistan united on one mission i.e to ‘Delete Careem App’

Here’s What Has Been Happening!

Thousands of users have taken to social media to protest against Careem for its controversial tweet against the Captain of Pakistan’s Cricket team, Sarfraz Ahmed.

The tweet was clearly not funny, sparking an uproar of the worst sort!

Apparently, the ride-hailing brand intended to troll Sarfraz after Pakistan’s crushing exit from the Asia Cup 2018.

Despite the fact that the entire nation seems disappointed with the team’s performance in the tournament, cricket aficionados hated Sarfraz’s mockery by Careem.

The tweet horribly backfired and ended up creating a joke of the brand itself!

Twitterverse is now deleting the app and uploading screenshots to express their disapproval.

Clearly, Paksitanis still love Sarfraz and will not tolerate any insult regarding the Captain.

Fans are now demanding an immediate apology by Careem on the matter.

And are also requesting for the immediate removal of the team member who posted the contentious tweet!

Realizing the gravity of the situation. Careem tried to clear the mess with a statement that didn’t work!

An official apology by Careem is only what will calm the heated situation.

The brand is yet to release an official statement regarding the matter.

This is not the first time Careem has landed itself in hot water. Earlier, the ride service had to apologize for ridiculing political leaders in its Election campaign.

It seems sometimes brands take trolling a tad bit too far!

Elections 2018: Careem Apologies for Mocking Political Parties

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