Uber, the car hiring service massively popular across the globe, has just started functioning in Karachi. Commuters who wish to avoid driving during rush hour, or use public transport are always on the lookout for affordable means of travel.

With the shaky law and order situation in the country, many people usually avoid taking public buses and taxis, especially women. Cashing in on this, Dubai based service, modeled after Uber, Careem was the first to arrive in the country. Having a headstart, Careem has already built a steady user base and fine-tuned the issues any new service will face. Whether Uber will be successful or not remains to be seen. However, competition between the two is imminent.


Careem is said to be a more localized version of Uber, learning from the challenges the former faced in other countries. Since the major concern commuters in Pakistan have revolves around safety, Careem hired drivers with proper verification and background checks. A tracking option is also in place. Since majority of the user base is very tech savvy, booking a Careem makes use of an app. From start to finish, the entire process has been set to facilitate the user.

Careem, operating for some months now, has gotten enough time to understand its market and work out the details to improve it services. In the beginning, it too received its fair share of criticism. Unavailability of cars is one such complain. The service has tried to address the issue by getting more drivers on board.


Uber, on the other hand, is yet to impress the masses. While it has already become quite popular in Lahore, Karachiites are harder to please. But it has started off on the right foot by promising five free rides worth Rs. 300/- for three days as a promotion. Since nobody in Karachi likes to give up a good bargain, expect an immense increase in the number of Uber cars on the roads in the next couple of days.

Uber Pakistan Launched in Karachi: Standard Rates & Promotional Offers

Pricing Uber vs Careem – Who’s Cheaper

The next thing commuters consider after safety is the fare. How much does the ride cost. Careem has been offering Rs. 18 per km for economy cars. The business ones are slightly more expensive costing around Rs. 23 per km. However, they keep on introducing deals and promo codes to offers regular users a chance to travel on cheaper rates. For special occasions and festivals in particular, Careem comes up with discounts.

Uber charges Rs. 13.7 per km, making it the cheaper option by comparison. Since it is already a popular name abroad, the expectations from it are high. Whether it lives up to them, remains to be seen.

Quality of Cars – Who’s better

Careem has two options for you to choose from. The business option has more comfortable better cars such as Civic, Grande and city hence they cost more. Economy offers cars like Mira, Cultus, Corolla so are cheaper. For a little more cost you can also order a Careem with Wifi for on the go browsing.

First-hand experiences

The tech-savvy users of Careem often take to popular social media website Twitter to share their first-hand experience of the service. Here are some.


For many the comparing game has already begun.


Customer Service

Amid all the complaints about Careem, the efficiency of the company comes to light. The customer service is highly active especially on social media and is quick to come to the aid of those who face an issue. They take immediate action to rectify the problem, going so far as to assuring each individual how the issue won’t be repeated.

Uber Launch

Uber launched glamorously in Karachi on August 25th after an MOU signing at the Chief Minister’s residence. Following this leading actress Mahira Khan hopped in an Uber to take her first ride across Karachi.

Mahira Khan - Uber's Rider Zero in Karachi [F]


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