car sales 2018 vs 2019

Let’s just not ignore the fact that increasing taxes, prices and inflation has decreased the overall sales in Pakistan.

If we go back and see the performance of the automobile industry in the past few years we can clearly see the industry-dominating and growing sales of cars and bikes each year respectively.

However, this has not been the case of the industry this year.

If we have a closer look at the bigger family cars (1300cc+) we can see that in the 1st half of 2018 Suzuki sold 2,715 units, 26,087 units of Toyota and 23,189 units of Honda.

This year Toyota sold 17,405 units, Honda selling almost 28,770 units and Suzuki selling 2,541 units. The 1000 cc and below units also saw a major impact and yes it’s positive.

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About 10,982 units of Cultus were sold within the half of 2018 as compared to 15,065 units of WagonR however things are rather attention-grabbing in 2019 as 12,006 units of cultus were sold despite its very cheap sale of 988 units for the month of June whereas Pakistan’s beloved WagonR conjointly saw a hike of around 1500 units with 16,533 units sold.

There’s an added vehicle that is commonly unmarked that’s Bolan which doesn’t sell in crazy high variety however doesn’t sell in low number either. However, its sales figures were conjointly near to the Suzuki Cultus associated saw an overall decline of four-dimensional in sales.

Thus this section, despite the percentages saw a positive increase of around four-dimensional. The pickup associated SUV section saw an overall decrease in sales.

2,549 Toyota Fortuner SUV were sold by Toyota Indus within the half of 2018 that I’d say could be a sensible variety whereas the sales were slightly slow at 2,201 units in H1 of 2019 however not an enormous distinction.

However, there’s an added vehicle that Toyota sells in massive numbers thanks to its utilization within the business sector. The undisputed king of cross-country parcel of land Toyota Hilux Pickup.

Until June 2018 Toyota sold a combined of 4,299 units of Hilux and in H1 2019 things improved, and Toyota sold 2,642 Hilux Pickups.

What do you think about Pakistan’s sinking automotive industry?

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Submitted By: Ajmal Hayat