The highest-paid actress in Pakistan, Ayesha Omar, recently took to Instagram and shared all about her health. Ayesha shared that after experiencing a horrid car accident 8 years ago, her collarbone and shoulder blade shattered and over time the gap grew. The car accident took place on the Hyderabad Highway and was entirely the driver’s fault. She continued by sharing that for the past 8 years she has had to navigate her life while managing spasms, discomfort, and a lot of pain.

The star in Bulbalay since 2009, shared that she had tried numerous treatments and therapies over time. But none seemed to work. Her collarbone did not heal, and she continued to live in consistent discomfort. However, she finally gathered the courage to undergo this reconstructive surgery.

Details Of Ayesha Omar’s Surgery

Ayesha shared that because her broken bones were trapped in a lot of tissue and muscle the surgery became more complicated. She quoted,

” Dr. Shah had to drill deep into both ends of my broken collarbone to find blood and marrow and then insert the bone graft in the middle of it and set it in place with a titanium plate. ”

Despite going through a tough time, talented star Ayesha Omar has chosen to look at the positive end of things. She’s grateful that she’ll finally heal now and has promised to work on more music, scripts, and ideas for her brands. On an ending note, Omer requested Karachi peeps to come to hang out with her even though she can barely type a text right now. She thanked all her well-wishers for remembering her in their prayers.

Here’s how her fans responded:

Ayesha Omar comments

Omer’s kind-hearted fans filled up the comment sections with prayers and wishes for her speedy recovery. Netizens shared that they can’t wait to see Ayesha back on her feet happy and healthy.

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