Marwa Hocane’s recent revelation about her love life has left the internet disappointed as the actress shut down rumors once and for all. Marwa Hocane in her recent interview briefly talked about what is it like to be in love and according to her ‘it’s not love if it’s difficult.’

“I think life is so complicated and complex, that love should be easy.” Stated Marwa in a candid interview.

While further discussing the idea of love, Marwa shared her two cents on the fact that since you get to choose your partner, it should be someone who is easy to be with.

“Relationships should be easy, not very complicated because life already is hard, let’s suppose your profession is hectic crazy, and then your family, you don’t get to choose your family, you are born in it. However, when it comes to love, it should be easy and not complicated at all. I don’t think it’s love if it’s not easy.”

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Take a look at her detailed interview below.

Marwa Hocane when asked if she is in love mentioned that she is not in love. “No, I’m not.”

She further added, “Maybe, one day when I will be then I will get to know about it more.”

Marwa’s shocking revelation has shut down all the rumors about her alleged relationship with her Sabaat co-star Ameer Gillani who later became best friends with the actress and was spotted on many events alongside her.

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